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Order of Malta


The Order of Malta is a Catholic lay religious order since the 12th century, dedicated especially to the service of the vulnerable, poor and the sick, the forgotten and others in need regardless of nationality race or creed. It does so in the spirit of the Beatitudes as symbolized by the 8-pointed “Maltese Cross  a visual momento of its spirituality
Within the Order’s community of Members, there are those who are religious and have professed the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience; and other members who have taken a special promise to devote themselves to the charitable works and traditions of the Order. The great majority of the knights and dames are lay members on one hand, while others include priests and nuns.  
The Order emphasizes the development of the spirituality of its members who come together not only through prayer but more importantly through service, the hands-on work in caring for the suffering, the sick and the socially excluded. Members are united in active and dynamic charity supported by faith.  No Knight or Dame is such by privilege of birth or merits acquired, but for having answered to the call to be where there is a material or moral need, where there is suffering with its mystery.
The Order of Malta remains true to its inspiring principles: testify the Faith and service to the suffering.
As one of the oldest Christian medical missions in the world, what does being a Hospitaller mean in the Twenty First Century? It means dedicating oneself to easing suffering and to bringing the balm of Christian charity to the sick, anywhere in the world, not only hospitals and hospices where their work once started 900 years ago, but also on streets, in homes, among destitute or underserved populations across the globe.  It means providing assistance and upholding human dignity for the socially isolated, victims of natural catastrophes, refugees, forgotten, suffering or abandoned of people from any race and religious faith as well.

Order of Malta

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